Greetings Review Snipers!  

Are you ready to get “Killer Reviews in One Shot!”?

This is Day 3 of your Review Sniper boot camp.  By now, you’re probably getting the hang of this.  If you didn’t read our last 2 emails, you’re going to want to do that now:
Day 1:
Day 2:

(some of you may just want a refresher course…that’s okay too)

Day 3: How do I get more Reviews?

This is the million dollar questions.  Lucky for you, we have the million dollar answer.

It’s a game of numbers!  Whether you have a business that has 1 customer a week or 40 a day, the trick to getting reviews is to ask every customer.  Never give up. Never get tired of hearing no.  If you realize that every no leads you that much closer to a yes, then you’ve got it made. We have seen lots of success in making it part of your parting sequence.  Here’s an example of what Greg S does with his Electrician company.

“At the end of every call, I make a point of thanking them for their business.  When they say, “Thank you” back, I always politely say, “You’re very welcome. Would you do me a favor?  Can I send you a quick, 2 question survey to your phone?”
97% of the time, people will say yes to this.

If you followed our Secret #2 from Boot Camp, Day 1, you will notice that we told them that it was short and only 2 questions. This is the key to getting a yes.  Can you imagine the person who says no to a 2 question survey after you just got through giving them 5-star service?

Me neither.

So, this is really the secret sauce of what we do here at ReviewSniper and if you follow this one rule, you will be successful beyond your belief at getting positive reviews.  


Don’t wait until the end of the day when you’re sitting in front your tv.  Don’t wait until a moment when there’s a lull in the day.  DO IT NOW!  Catch your customer in the after-glow of your good service AND catch them on their phone before they get in their car and onto their day.

I can hear it now! But that will take too long and I’ve got other customers waiting.  We have timed it.  This process takes about 10-15 seconds.  Do you have 10-15 seconds if it means taking your business to the next level?  I think you do! More importantly, I think your competitors do.  

This is an arms race and you will need to implement this strategy into your daily routine if you really, truly, want to win!

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through 75% of Review Sniper Boot Camp.  We only have one more day tomorrow.

Boot Camp, Day 4: When do I have enough reviews?

I think you will find this discussion as good as the previous 3.  

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, have a great day!




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