Why do I need reviews?
Well, a small portion of business and services may not.  For most though, reviews are a key component in today’s world. According to a recent national survey, a mere 5% of consumers say they don’t pay attention to online reviews.  So, if your business consists of those folks, you’re probably good. 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation for a business, product, or service. We think that’s pretty compelling.

Why does my text send out my location instead of my business name?
This is an error when setting up your account.  During Step 1, you need to search for your BUSINESS NAME.  When you see this error, it is because you searched for your BUSINESS LOCATION. Delete your location and Add Business again.  Searching by BUSINESS NAME will rectify this situation. If you have any further concerns or questions on this, please watch the Tutorial Video on the Step 1 page.

What if I have one business with multiple locations? 
Since each business would have its own Yelp page, Google Business Listing, YP.com page, etc., we treat each location as a separate business. You will need to buy one of our affordable multiple-business packages that fit your needs best.

How do I change from business to another? 
It’s very simple, from your Dashboard, you will see “Welcome “your name.” Under that, you will see “Currently working on:” with your current business name and address.  Under that, you will see a “(change business)” link.  If you click the link, the pop up will give you your location choices again. Choose the new Business that you want to send out text messages for and you’re all set. You can also just refresh your page and it will give you the choices again.

What is the best way to ask for requests?
Although everyone may do it a little differently, we have found that the best wording is “Do you mind if I send a quick, 2-question survey to your phone?”  This would be at the conclusion of business while they are still feeling thankful for your service or product. The 2-question survey lets them know that this is truly a small task that you are asking them to do.  Nobody likes unwanted texts and nobody likes long surveys.  We find that offering a quick, 2-question survey is tolerable for just about anyone.

Can my employees use this software?
Yes. We do not offer multiple logins for one account, but you can give your employees your login information and they can use the site on your behalf.

Can I send review requests via email instead of text?
At ReviewSniper, we have 100% committed to a text platform.  Email is dying and open rates are less than 30% these days.  Text open rates are 99.9%.  We maximize your impact by using text messages.  We do realize that for a small portion of the population, they will not use text. The portion is getting smaller and smaller by the minute.

For the small minority and ever-decreasing demographic who is still using email, there is a workaround that will allow you to use the REPORTS of ReviewSniper and still send emails.  You can simply cut and paste the text message that you send yoursefl into an email and send it through your own email system. If someone knows it is coming, they are more likely to open it. In addition, if it comes from you@yourdomain.com, we feel that the open rates are even higher than if it comes from no-reply@reviewsniper.com.  We still encourage you to use text whenever possible as it would drastically increase the number of reviews that you will get.

Can I use my membership for multiple businesses?
Yes! We have many memberships to choose from.  It is $199 per month for the first business and $99 per month additional for each additional business.

How many reviews can I request? 
We do not have a set # of requests that can be sent out in a day or month. However, we do track requests and if we see abuse, we will contact you.  Remember that nobody likes to receive unwanted texts and our software requires that you get verbal consent before sending them a survey text. This is a best practice and also for your benefit.  You are way more likely to get a positive review if you ask for their permission to send a text first.

What sites are available for reviews?
We have all the major sites in our system, including, but not limited to, Google Business Listings, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Zillow.  You can see a comprehensive list when you sign up for our Free 7-Day Trial.

How long do I have to commit for? 
There is no commitment. You can try our software for free during our Free 7-Day Trial. On the 8th day, you will be billed according to the plan you have chosen. You will be billed monthly and can cancel at any time.


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