Thank you for joining  Killer Reviews in One Shot. Over the next few days, you will be enrolled in RS Boot Camp.  You will start out as maggots, but quickly evolve into Special Forces.  (Those are all military terms if you’re not familiar with them. It means you may start at as novices, but you’ll soon be pros.) Think of RS Boot Camp as your personal coach for review success. We realize that most people don’t love emails, but don’t put these in the same group as the SPAM from some Nigerian Prince of the overtly BUY BUY BUY sales letter.  These emails were created solely for the purpose of making you better at the software.  When you’re better, you’ll get more reviews. When you get more reviews, you’ll get more business.  So, without further ado… Today’s Lesson is 2 parts Part 1: If you haven’t already set up your account, which you probably have.  Please know that we’ve got your back each step of the way.  On the right hand side of every Step in the process, we’ve created a quick YouTube tutorial video that literally walks you through the entire set up process.  If you still have questions, don’t forget to check out our FAQ’s. If you’re still stuck, drop us a line at  We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Part 2: We wanted to include this in tomorrow’s email, but we found that it just couldn’t wait. Think of as your Review Generator. Once it’s turned on, it just keeps putting out good review after good review.  But, in order to really maximize your positive reviews, we want to give you a few little secrets to success. Secret #1: Ask permission first!  You wouldn’t want someone to walk into your house without knocking first. Much in the same way, you wouldn’t want someone just texting you a survey out of the clear blue sky.  The system has a checkbox that says you’ve received permission to send the text. This is to remind you that you NEED to ask someone (or at least give them some form of heads-up) before you send them a text.  If you don’t, your positive results go way down and your negative results go way down! Secret #2: Let them know the survey is short and simple.  If someone walked up to you on a street and said, “Would you like to fill out my survey?,” what would you say? If you say yes, you’re a better man than me.  I just know that this survey is going to take an hour of my time.  So, you want to let them know exactly what they’re in for. The verbiage that works best goes like this: “Thank you for your business. Would you mind if we sent a quick, 2-question survey to your phone?”  They will almost always say yes and if you send it to them right then and there, you’re reviews are bound to go through the roof!  Get them in the moment and you’re golden! Boot Camp consists of 3 more emails in the next 3 days.  We recommend that you read each and everyone for your ultimate success. Until tomorrow, have a great day!   Sincerely, Chris Boot Camp General


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